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Combinations Generator for n/N Games

We refer to multi-number lottery games with one set of numbers as n/N games. That is, the player selects n numbers from a possible set ranging rom 1 to N, where N is set by the type of lottery game. A common example is the 6/49 lottery where the player selects 6 numbers from 1 to 49.

This lottery utility generates all the combinations of a given number of numbers (let's call it k) into sets of n numbers. Suppose you want to play all the possible combinations of the even numbers of a 6/49 lotto, then k will be 25 since there are 25 even numbers in the range from 1 to 49. All the possible combinations of 25 numbers into groups of 6 numbers will be 177,100. Well, even for a lottery pool this number of lottery tickets is one too many to play. Also, it will be too much work for our server to generate so many combinations. However, yes, you can generate those 177K combinations, and coincidentally, that is the maximum you can generate for a 6-number game.

We have therefore to limit the number of combinations to be generated to about 200,000. You can use the following combinations calculator to see how many combinations there are for a given n and k. It will also tell you if you can generate the combinations using our utility.

Combinations Calculator
n = k =
Combs =
Can I generate it here?

If you get the "Yes you can" answer in the above test, the next step is to use the generator itself. The combinations generator can be used for any multi-number lottery game, with one set of numbers, as long as the total numbers to select from (N) do not exceed 100, and n is 12 or less. This, we hope, will cover any such type of lottery game in the world.

To initiaze the generator, please specify the type lottery game by entering the values of n and N below. For example, for a 5/36 game, n=5 and N=36. Note that the k value you used in the above combinations calculator represents your selected numbers, while the N value you are going to enter below is the game's numbers. This distinction is necessary since you may wish to generate combinations of k numbers into groups of n for a game with N numbers to select from.

n = N =

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