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Odds Conversion and Bet Calculation

Converting odds from one of the three types of specifications, American, Decimal, or Fractional, to the other two is only a simple arithmetic manipulation. A slight difficulty may be encountered when converting from decimal to fractional and American odds since computing machines do not output division results in fraction form. Fortunately, values of odds are nearly uniform at all sportsbooks, so that a simple table can summarize almost all the possible odds.

Odds Conversion Tables

Odd-on Conversion Table

  Odd-against Conversion Table

Betting Calculator

If you do not want to go through all the trouble of conversions and calculations, the following approximate betting calculator may make your life easier. Especially, if you are dealing with American odds, payout and winnings calculation could be a pain in the neck. To use this calculator, just enter your stake, choose the odds, and press the 'Calculate' button. Note that the list of odds contains the equivalent values of the three specifications separated by a comma. So, if your odds are in American, for example, look for it in the middle list.

Quiz: The moneyline for an NFL game between Miami and New England is specified as
MIA Dolphins +750, NE Patriots -1250. If you wager $25 on the Dolphins, how much do you expect to be paid if you win? Answer.
What if you had gone with the Patriots? Answer.

Stake =          Odds =

Winning = Payout =

For each of the odds specification types, a more precise calculator is available at the respective pages listed below.

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