Sports-betting, casino games, and lottery resources - introductions, tools, caculators, odds and probabilities, conversions, directory and articles.        
  Sports betting home page
  • Fundamentals of Betting: Sportsbook, vigorish, wager, house edge, favorite, underdog, odds, point spreads, moneylines, odds specifications, odds conversion & calculator
  • Parlays: What is a parlay? Why bet on parlays? calculating parlay payouts, types of parlays
  • Useful methods: Buying and selling Points, sub-parlays
  • Tips: Winning strategies, choosing a sportsbook, articles on betting

Lottery home page
  • Classification of lottery games.
  • 3-digit lottery games: main features, play types, types of boxes (6-way, 3-way, triples), odds of winning, sums analysis, permutation and combination generators.
  • 4-digit lottery games: main features, play types, types of boxes (24-way, 12-way, etc.), odds of winning, sums analysis, permutation and combination generators.
  • Multi-number lotto games: Odds of winning, combinations generators, lottery wheels, wheels with fixed numbers
Casino home page
  • Roulette : How to play roulette, table and wheel layout both for European and American roulettes. An interactive tutor on betting types placing bets.
  • Blackjack : Basics and advanced plays, basic strategies.
  • Craps : Game rules, the simple Passline betting, odds and list of combinations, advanced betting.
  • Ranks of Poker hands, basic poker terminologies.

  • Plus, carefully selected articles on the basics of casino games written by expert authors.
Directory home page
  • Sports betting : Website list of tips, handicapping, betting, chats and forums, software and tools for football, soccer, racing, etc.
  • Lottery: General lottery web sites, software and tools, online lotteries, regional lottery web sites.
  • Casino Games: List of web sites for general casino game guides, chats and forums, free online games, junkets, consultants. And also specfic games such as baccarat, bingo, blackjack, craps, poker, roulette, and slots.
  • Contests and Sweepstakes: Directories, entry services, publications, and suppliers

Featured tools and calculators
• Betting odds specification  • Betting odds conversion  • Parlay payouts calculation  • 3- and 4-digit combinations  • Lottery odds calculators  • Combination generators  • Abbreviated wheel checker  • Abbreviated wheel analyzer  • 6-number abbreviated wheels  • Full lottery wheels  • Roulette Bet Placing  • Poker hands  • Craps odds  • Blackjack Strategies


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